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Chefs at Work

Join us on Thursday, August 1, Metro Community College in Omaha for Farmer-Chef Learning Day! 

Join us for an enriching and first Farmer-Chef Learning Day, a dynamic half-day event celebrating the synergy between farmers and chefs.


Experience a sensory journey with tastings, insightful demonstrations by farmers and chefs, culminating in a delectable dinner featuring farm-fresh ingredients.  The food alone is worth the trip to Fort Omaha campus of Metro Community College.


Be inspired by our keynote speaker as we explore the vital connection between the fields and the kitchen.

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Organic Transition Academy
Lincoln & Ithaca, NE
August 2 -3, 2024

**There are stipends available for either/both days if you are interested or transitioning to organic farming.​​

Two days of looking, learning and listening to producers and scientists. 


Friday is an all day bus tour, meeting in Milford and traveling around the area to visit four farms: Anchor Meadows (Milford) Common Good Farm (Raymond), Robinette Farm (Marquette) and the Burkey Farm (Dorchester). We'll finish the day with a social hour followed by dinner and a speaker, Dave Welsch sharing his organic story.

Saturday will be an all day academy, listening to producers explain the organic certification process for livestock, grains and specialty crops.  It is a power packed informational setting.  Vendors and experts will be available before, during and after lunch for questions/follow up.  

Friday, Aug. 2 | from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 
Bus tour of farms starting in Milford, ending with a community dinner at Thornridge Golf Course in Milford at 5:30 p.m.
Saturday, Aug. 3 | from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
Sessions at the Eastern Nebraska Research, Extension and Education Center, 1071 County Road G, Ithaca.


Meyer Prairie Garden was the perfect setting for our FB online tour on Wednesday, July 10.  Alan and Nancy Meyer gave us a lovely tour of their garden with different areas highlighted, sharing the background of why they did what they did and how it is working.

Seeing their desire to reuse, repurpose and use regenerative practices wherever possible was encouraging.

A couple of things they forgot to share, they keep a rain barrel on their porch for watering plants. Alos they have vermiculture in the floor of the greenhouse, and abundance of wild raspberries!  They should wanted to credit The Big Garden in Omaha for their excellent class taught by Cait Caughey that opened their eyes to all the foraging opportunities available on their property. 

If you missed this great event, you can click this link to watch the entire video on our YouTube channel.

Curious Roots Herbal Farm Tour + District 2 Floral Workshop

We enjoyed wonderful weather while learning about plants and their medicinal and nutritional uses at our recent Curious Roots Farm Tour.

It was inspiring to all of our guests exploring the beautiful gardens, captivated by the intricate beauty of the flowers. Everyone’s curiosity shone brightly as we listened to Shea's stories about the medicinal uses of various plants.

Everyone was enthusiastic sharing about the ways they compost and listening to Chef David Wees, of Dante’s, explain how he manages waste in the restaurant and at home. His freshly fired pizza was a big success. Sharing delicious food in the great outdoors was truly special.

The wreath-making workshop with Holly of District 2 Floral was a perfect end to our day. Creativity in crafting unique wreaths was a beautiful testament to the artistry and nature we cherish.  The finish of homemade desserts from Mrs T’s Dary Crème ranging from chocolate oat to butterscotch ice cream was delightful!

Thank you to the guests who joined us on this journey. We look forward to more events this year!

Experience the Magic of Straight Arrow Bison Ranch's Online Farm Tour!

Recently, we had the pleasure of joining Karen and Martin Bredthauer on an extraordinary virtual tour of their beautiful Straight Arrow Bison Ranch, hosted by Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society (NSAS).​


Missed the live event? No worries! You can still immerse yourself in the incredible journey of the Bredthauers and explore their innovative farming practices through our recorded sessions on YouTube (Soon to be available).​


Their approach to bison farming is truly unique. Unlike traditional livestock, bison are wild and prefer to live in herds, maintaining strong family bonds. The Bredthauers honor these natural behaviors, ensuring that families are never separated, and the bison live as closely to their natural state as possible.​


One remarkable aspect of their practice is the "non-stress harvest" technique they employ. The bison are not aware of the imminent harvest, which happens quickly and effectively. Within an hour of harvest, the meat is hanging, cleaned, and cooling. This humane approach not only ensures the quality of the meat but also respects the natural dignity of these magnificent creatures.​


At Straight Arrow Bison Ranch, they live by the adage that "we don't want anything to go to waste." From the non-saleable cuts of bison, they create a variety of valuable products such as freeze-dried dog treats, tallow, and tallow candles. This sustainable practice ensures that every part of the animal is utilized and honored.​


For more details on their sustainable practices and commitment to animal welfare, you can read more in this article:

Straight Arrow Bison Ranch, Broken Bow, NE

Don’t miss the chance to explore the beauty and passion behind Straight Arrow Bison Ranch!

anne devries - picking berries_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Anne DeVries found her way to the Meyer Prairie Garden back in 2019 and snapped this photo.  Still may be berries to pick!

First come, first picked!

Alan Meyer prefers a text to alert him to your arrival at the garden.  His contact information is here.

Here's the address to the Meyer Prairie Garden.

Here's more information about the  Meyer Prairie Garden.

Here's a list of all of the wildlife found on prem


Please send photos of you/your friends+family picking to Audrey! 


First Farm Tour of the Season - West End Farm, June 8, 2024
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