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Roundtable Discussions

Certified organic farmers will meet to discuss the challenges they faced while transitioning to organic farming, sharing their experiences and insights to help others. This event is open to the community, especially those considering organic production, providing a platform for learning and support. Scheduled for various dates in 2024 and 2025, these roundtable discussions aim to reduce isolation among new and transitioning farmers and encourage the adoption of organic practices through knowledge-sharing and community building.  

Check out our last Roundtable Discussion here!

And contact us if you’re interested in hosting one in your area.



Farmer-Chef Learning Days

Connecting transitioning organic farmers with local chefs creates sales outlets for organic products. Producers showcase their goods to chefs, who develop menus featuring these items. The event concludes with a Farm Stand Cocktail hour, Chef + Producer demonstrations, a 4-course meal, and a keynote speech by a certified organic producer, providing marketing opportunities and real-life exposure for farmers, students, and practitioners.

Dates:  August 1, 2024 and January 30, 2025

Sites:  Omaha, NE and Lincoln, NE

Farmer Chef Learning Days.png
Grow Together


Grow Together - Farmer Connect

Farmers and gardeners often work in isolation, so creating informal meeting spaces, both online and in-person, allows them to share successes and challenges. These connections are crucial for beginning and transitioning farmers who lack access to formal mentoring programs, offering practical idea exchanges and support. Attendees will gain contacts for troubleshooting and exploring options, with dates set for June, August, and October 2024, and February, April, and July 2025, across Central, Eastern, and Western Nebraska.

Organic Excellence

Organic Excellence-Cultivating Success

Beginning and transitioning organic farmers can present their organic practices and progress at the Annual Conference and online in February and December 2025. These presentations will showcase their projects, highlight successes and challenges, and offer guidance for others exploring organic farming. Sharing knowledge provides invaluable insights for local farmers on what works best in our region.

For more information and to apply, click here.

Planned Approach
Planned Approach.png

Planned Approach to Organic Transition

Cyclical planning phases help new and transitioning organic farmers using the Organic Transition Planned Approach, bolstered by community input. With endless resources like books, conferences, and online research, beginners can feel overwhelmed. Connecting them with mentors and providing a structured plan for organic transition is key. This two-year program pairs farmers with mentors: Year 1 is for planning, and Year 2 is for implementing the steps to organic certification.

Farm Tours Onsite

Farm Tours Onsite

Farm tours bring transitioning and certified organic farmers together to offer direct avenues for technical assistance and training exchange. This collaborative platform enables transitioning farmers to acquire practical insights and guidance from their certified counterparts, expediting their learning curve and promoting successful organic practices. A farm tour’s interactive nature enhances the effectiveness of technical support fostering a community-driven approach to sustainable and certified organic farming.

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Farm Tours Online
Farm Tours online.png

Farm Tours Online

Online Farm Tours allow for a similar experience as in-person tours, but from the comfort of your home/office/farm. Most importantly, this activity facilitates engagement with organic farmers in rural and remote areas of Nebraska, offering an opportunity to highlight their less- accessible farms.

Organic farmers will be invited to share best practices online with farmers interested in transitioning to organic.

Focusing on organic production practices in far-reaching rural areas, the priority of online farm tours is to share knowledge of organic farming to interested transitioning farmers.

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